Kyle Nichols founded Canada-based brand and merchandise consultancy Pathwave Inc. His approach is based on over 16 years of knowledge and experience in the branded merchandise, fashion, and design industry.

His goal is to dive deep into the inner workings of your brand and to become an extension of your executive team. He believes the most effective ideas are formed when a strong collaborative relationship are established and there is mutual understanding of the world we wish to live in.

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Kyle Nichols portrait, founder of Pathwave brand and merchandise consultancy.


At Pathwave we believe in challenging today's market of branded merchandise. We focus on thinking creatively, challenging norms, and working closely with our clients to curate products that strategically address their goals.

Our initiative is to supply products that are high quality, multifunctional, and socially responsible. We do our best to educate you on the makers, decorators, and supply chain of the products we build together.


The Pathwave values (M.A.K.I.N.G.S) define us. They guide our behaviour and the way we treat each other.

Make with purpose

We’re driven to design beautiful products that have a positive impact on people.

Always be growing

We continuously seek opportunities to expand our skills, our knowledge, and ourselves.

Keep pushing boundaries

We explore and experiment with new and unexpected ways to achieve our clients’ goals.

Invest in the details

We deliver quality consistently because we’re process-driven and relentlessly organized.

No bullsh*t

We communicate honestly and openly and encourage everyone around us to do the same.

Greatness is a collective effort

We work closely with our clients to create amazing work, achieve goals, and grow together.

Simplicity is key

We know the strongest solutions aren’t complicated and follow the path of least resistance.


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